Zulus at Zoo

Zulu warriors will be parading into Dudley Castle courtyard on Monday to showcase arts and culture from their native South Africa.


Dressed in authentic tribal costumes, members of Zulu Tradition, an educational company, will perform two shows throughout Monday, May 27, with traditional song and dance compilations, incorporating Zulu psalms, plus visual arts showcasing costumes and beadwork.  

The shows will start with a Zulu parade from the African hunting dogs enclosure – where keepers will be laying on enrichment activities with the animals to illustrate natural behaviour like hunting and tracking – and lead to the courtyard for the performances.

_dgp9854Spokesman Thanda Gumede, said: “Through rhythmic percussion, vibrant dance and soul-stirring harmony singing we hope to give visitors a powerful and true taste of Zulu life.    “Everything will be authentic from the Amaculo Esintosongs to the various genres of traditional Umzansi andNendlamu dance.”  

DZG Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “Zulu Tradition’s high energy performances offer a glimpse of a fascinating culture –  and it will certainly be the first time we’ve had African warriors take over Dudley Castle courtyard in its 900-year history!

“The group will encourage visitors to join their parade into the courtyard where they will perform their authentic music and dance. It promises to be a fantastic event and we are hoping people will come along and experience a taste of South Africa right here at the heart of the zoo.”  

Keeper Ben Vanes introduces African spotted eagle owl, Kaiser, to Zulu Tradition.