Zoe’s dream job

Keeper, Zoe Taylor, has landed her dream job working with DZG’s primates.


The 25-year-old has joined DZG’s Upper Primates team from Drayton Manor and is quickly learning the individual personalities of our four Bornean orang utans.

Zoe, from Cannock, pictured above with Jorong, said: “I’ve always wanted to specialise in primates, so I’m loving this job, it’s so much fun.

“I’ve been working with the orangs since I started and have already discovered what a cheeky little madam Sprout is. As soon as I clean the floor, she throws something through the bars to mess it up again.

“Jazz loves her food, which is something I soon worked out and will do anything for her favourite treats.

“Jorong is quite quiet at the moment, but I’m slowly starting to get to know him, whereas Benji is a proper gent and seems to like me as I’m a girl!”

Zoe will also shortly begin working across the rest of the section and is looking forward to working with the lemurs and capuchins.

Upper Primates Section Leader, Pat Stevens, said: “Zoe has made a great start to the role and is already a very valued team member.”