You’ve both bean very kind!

Keen gardener Laura Hamilton and her mum Pat have bean extremely kind by donating piles of homegrown runner beans for DZG’s chimps.

The pair produced the bumper crop on their allotment in Northfield, Birmingham, and donated their surplus supplies to our all- female group of primates.

Laura said: “When we realised how many beans we had, we both thought the animals at Dudley Zoo may appreciate some extra greens.

“We’ll probably have another load at the end of September as there are so many baby beans on the plants.”

Senior Primate Keeper Jodie Dryden, who took the photos of our chimps Malaika, Barbie and Binti munching on the veg, said: “The girls really enjoyed the beans and we’re very grateful to Laura and Pat for thinking of us. It was lovely watching them tuck into the fresh, homegrown produce.”