Your guide to DZG!

We’re putting the final touches to a brand new DZG guidebook.

Set to hit the shelves of the Safari Shop in the next few weeks, priced £3, the A5-sized book has been designed by our in-house graphic designer and includes a pull out site map, which will help you discover the world’s rarest animals around the 40-acre site.

Marketing Manager Andrea Hales said: “It’s been almost two decades since we last had an official souvenir guide all about the zoo and castle and this bumper 60-plus page book is packed full of fascinating facts designed to help you get the most out of your zoo day.”

With comprehensive animal fact files alongside colourful images of our exotic creatures, you’ll be able to read all about our ongoing in-situ and ex-situ conservation commitments.

And that’s not all as you’ll also be able to learn about our zoo history and the 11th century castle in the heart of the zoological gardens, plus discover more about our 12 iconic listed Tectons.

We’ll be announcing when it’s ready to buy, so make sure you purchase your copy as all money raised through the sales will be ploughed right back into our vital conservation work.