Year of the Goat!

dzg_chinese_goat_4_webIt’s Chinese New Year and to celebrate the Year of the Goat staff have been telling our young visitors all about a favourite mini mammal that lives down on the Farm.

African pygmy goats – pictured right – are a domestic breed with a full coat of straight hair, medium to long in length, and despite their smaller size, produce large amounts of milk.

And because some Chinese calendars refer to the zodiac sign as Goat or Sheep Farm keepers have also been explaining about a special breed of hairy jumpers from West Africa!   Cameroon sheep – pictured below – boast a hairy coat, rather than wool which would be a disadvantage in their native African climate, and are a domestic breed, weighing in at 30-40kg.  

Find out more about our farmyard friends from keepers during 12pm to 12.45pm and 2.15pm to 3.30pm.



And discover what makes Cameroon sheep special from Trainee Keeper Chris Leeson – pictured above – in our video . . .