Yasmin’s a grandma!

Today is Grandparents’ Day and after delving deep in DZG’s records we’ve discovered our beautiful red panda Yasmin is a grandmother!

The 11-year-old Tibetan beauty (photographed by member Kathryn Willett above) has been at Dudley Zoo since March 2008 and has given birth to three babies – Yogi, Amba and Jasper.

And DZG’s Registrar and Research Co-ordinator, Dr David Beeston, has uncovered that Yasmin is a glamorous granny to four youngsters.

Her eldest son Yogi, pictured above when he was at DZG, now lives in a zoo in Holland has two little ones, a girl called Lusie and a boy, Hupia. Both grandchildren have moved to new homes in different zoos in France.

Yasmin’s daughter Amba, shown left as a baby at DZG, hasn’t had any babies and is living at Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park.

But her youngest son Jasper, pictured below when he first showed his face at Dudley, became a dad earlier this year when he produced twins at Banham Zoo in Norfolk.

Dr Beeston said: “It’s wonderful to find out our popular red panda is a grandmother on the day many people celebrate grandparents and the relationships with their grandchildren.

“The discovery Yasmin is a grandmother demonstrates the success of the international breeding programme her children have been part of.”

Congratulations to all grandparents today. Have a very happy day if you’re with us at DZG!