Xmas countdown for reindeer

Christmas celebrations are well underway here at DZG and everything is feeling festive!

Santa is giving away presents to hundreds of visitors to his Sleeping Beauty-themed castle grotto, mince pies and mulled wine are being enjoyed in the Queen Mary Restaurant and our reindeer herd are waiting patiently for the big day when they’ll be needed to pull Santa’s sleigh!


To ensure Father Christmas knows exactly where to find his herd on Christmas Eve, keepers have decorated the outside of the reindeer paddock – adjacent to the zoo’s vintage chairlift on the upper level – with colourful tinsel and festive fairy lights.

So if you’re on site during the next few weeks, make sure you follow the signs out of the castle courtyard to the paddock and go and say hello to the herd. 

Pictured above – Trainee Keeper, Jo Turner and Hail the reindeer, make sure Santa knows exactly where to find the herd on Christmas Eve by festively decorating the outdoor shed and paddock.