Wrapped up in their snacks!

Bornean orang utans Jazz and daughter Sprout soon got to grips with some tasty treats disguised in tissue paper packages.

webdzg_orangs_pinecones_2   webdzg_orangs_pinecones_2

ABOVE – Any there for me mum? Ah, that’s delicious!

The popular mum and her clever four-year-old, pictured above, quickly figured out how to unwrap some beautifully packaged food parcels which were scattered in their outdoor area.


ABOVE – Primate keeper Sian-Leigh Simner prepares some of the covered cones

webdzg_orangs_pinecones_2Upper Primates Senior Keeper Sophie Dugmore said, for enrichment, keepers covered pine cones in powdered baby food and wrapped them in tissue paper, shown left, which was donated by DZG supporters.

She said: “We are very grateful to people who kindly provided the tissue paper and cones through our Amazon wish list and they have definitely been put to good use.

“Jazz and Sprout lapped up the treats. The tissue paper was an interesting texture for them to open and then they had the challenge of getting the food from in between the layers of the pine cones.”


Since DZG launched its wish list at the end of August we have received many superb donations including smoothie makers, seeds, tools and other items, such as cardboard tubes, to provide enrichment for our animals.

The list offers donors a choice of practical items we would benefit from and these can be purchased online and then delivered direct to our Castle Hill site.

Many thanks for your support everyone! Our orangs are grateful too!