Worth the Wait!

A DZG keeper day experience was well worth the 12-month wait for Cheshire couple, Jennie Stevenson and Paul Noden.


Jennie surprised Paul with the gift for Christmas 2013 and it proved to be the perfect present!

She said: “I’m never sure what to get him, but he loves animals. I did a lot of research into different zoos around the country and chose DZG because of its setting with a castle on site and because of the variety of animals that you get to meet.

“Due to work commitments we only got round to doing the experience recently, but it was certainly worth the wait.”   

During their day the couple worked alongside keepers in their daily duties, as they went about caring for some of the rarest animals in the world.

paulnoden      paulnoden

Jennie, from Crewe, added: “We both really enjoyed the day and it went above and beyond any expectations we had. We worked with a number of keepers, who were full of knowledge and the passion they had for their jobs shone through.

“And we met so many different animals – from the cheeky penguins pecking at our wellies, to being used as a climbing frame by the lemurs.

“The highlight for me was defiantly cuddles with the tapirs. Paul found it very hard to choose a favourite part of the day as he enjoyed meeting all of the animals but being able to get so close to the big cats and feeding them was certainly an experience he enjoyed.

“Having been to a lot of zoos around the country, I think Dudley is one of the best. The enclosures cater for the animals needs, while allowing the public to get as close as possible to them.

“A massive thank you to everyone who made our experience so fantastic.”