World Lemur Day

We’re shining the spotlight on our endangered lemurs today, as we mark World Lemur Day.

And it aptly falling during our Halloween half term week, because did you know the word ‘lemur’ actually means ‘ghost’ in Latin.

Find out more about the critical threats lemurs face in the wild, during an awareness and fundraising event at Lemur Wood.

There’ll be a raffle, games and activities with prizes including a close encounter with the lemurs and very special paw print bookmarks and picture frames, created in part by the Lemur Wood residents themselves!

Plus, our Education Team will be on hand to explain more about the work of the Lemur Conservation Association AEECL and how we’re financially supporting an education programme out in Madagascar, which funds primary school teachers to help educate local people to protect lemurs in the wild.

Think of a world without lemurs…it’s a frightening thought.