World Binturong Day 2021

This World Binturong Day we’re sharing this cute video of Ellie tucking into her favourite sweetcorn!

She loves sweetcorn so much, she even steals it from den mate, Connie, the Asian Palm Civet, when she’s not looking!

Find out more about ABConservation, the only organisation in the world entirely dedicated to the study and protection of the binturong, which we support, by CLICKING HERE

Did you know…

  • They are classed as vulnerable, with threats including habitat destruction, hunting and the wildlife trade.
  • Their prehensile tail is almost as long as their body and acts like another limb when climbing.
  • They are excellent climbers, living high in the forest canopy and they rarely come down to the ground.

Discover more about binturongs in our Conservation Matters video below…