Woodchip revamp for lynx

Our Carpathian lynx family are rolling around in joy after their paddock was revamped with woodchip from DZG’s recycled trees.

lynxchiopcloseup4_0As part of our ongoing site management trees at the end of their natural life have been taken down around the 40-acre site.

And not a bit has been wasted, with leaves and branches used to feed our giraffe, tapir and Barbary sheep families and the remainder used to make woodchip for the lynx paddock.

Ungulates Team Leader Jay Haywood, pictured, said our lynx family, Dave, Daisy and triplets Dick, Dom and Daphne, were loving playing in their new-look home and rolling in the woodchip.

He said: “We have managed to recycle all of the chopped trees.

“Branches and leaves went to the giraffe and tapirs and at the lynx enclosure we’ve used some of the woodchip and refurbished the whole paddock with it.

“It gives off lots of smells which encourages the lynx to use their natural tracking skills.


“In a big cat, the part of the brain that processes smells is vast and when they smell different scents they can release happy hormones. They have started rubbing and rolling in the woodchip.”

The woodchip revamp comes after big cat keepers tried out a mixture of curry powder smells on the lynx as part of an enrichment playtime by dousing a hessian rag in the strong-scented powder and attaching it to a zip wire.

Last year DZG planted 600 native species trees across the site as part of our 75th anniversary celebrations.

A recent survey found many of the site’s trees, which were planted more than a hundred years ago, are nearing the end of their natural life, giving our gardening team the opportunity to replant using native species such as field maple, English oak and common beech.







See our lynx family playing in the woodchip in the video below…