Window into the past

Our two Tecton kiosks are offering a fascinating window into the past by each displaying an archive site photo.

Visitors can spot a black-and-white photograph behind the framed window of Kiosk One, located near the Bear Ravine, dated circa 1940s – 1950s which shows crowds buying Teddy Gray’s confectionery and ice-cream from the Tecton.

While Kiosk Two, located by the Triple Tecton complex, features a sepia coloured photograph of the nearby castle and keep and moat pool circa late 1940s.

DZG Graphic Designer Rachel Lane, said: “Displaying photographs this way is another way of showcasing the zoo’s rich history and allows visitors to peek through the windows and actually glimpse DZG’s past.”

DZG has the world’s largest single collection of Tecton structures, designed by Russian architect Berthold Lubetkin and constructed between 1935-37 using a specialist system of reinforced concrete.

The 12, which include Entrance, Safari Shop, Bear Ravine, Kiosk One, Polar Bear Triple Complex, Queen Mary Restaurant, Elephant House, Kiosk Two, Sealion Pool, Reptiliary, Tropical Bird House and Discovery Centre, were granted World Monuments Fund Status ten years ago.