Wily welly woe!

Trainee keeper, Alex Randle, got more than he bargained for when a mischievous otter bit a hole in his welly as he cleaned the pool.


Alex, who was left with a wellington boot full of water as he carried out his weekly pool scrub, said: “Our Asiatic short-clawed otters are very inquisitive and love playing with everything in sight, from our spades and brushes to wellies.

“You have to keep a close eye on them as they have very sharp teeth.

“Last week they somehow managed to pinch the keys from my pocket while I was cleaning out the enclosure!”

He added: “I’ve got a new pair of welllies now, but they’ve already taken an interest and started diving at them, so I shall have to be extra vigilant.”

dzg_alex_welly_otters1_webCAPTION: Trainee keeper Alex Randle with the welly that was bitten by a mischievous Asiatic short-clawed otter as he cleaned the pool.