Will and Kate’s baby due!

Keepers are keeping a close eye on rare Humboldt penguins, Will and Kate, as they prepare for their pregnancy.

DZG-poen-preg1-WEBThe ‘royal’ pair who were born last November, shortly before Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement, are sharing parental duties of egg rotation, and staff believe births could be imminent.

CEO Peter Suddock said: “Hopefully, the chicks will hatch soon. The happy pair are using Nest Box 15 – DZG’s very own Kensington Palace – and all seems to be going well.”

Humboldts are caring parents and share the job of incubating their eggs. Females share egg sitting duties with the male for about 40 days.

Once the chick is born they take turns to forage for food, and will not leave the baby until it is about two months old.

Mr Suddock added:?”The upcoming birth is another success story for our international breeding and conservation programme with this endangerd species. Here at DZG we have the largest colony of parent reared Humboldts in the UK, which we started two decades ago, and it’s a project of which we are all justifibly proud.

“It’s so exciting waiting for the chick to arrive!”