Wildlife camera try out!

When we received a new wildlife camera, generously purchased for us from our Amazon wishlist, keepers couldn’t wait to try it out – and look what we captured on the first night’s filming…

In off-show woodland on site we discovered we have another family of badgers!

Conservation Officer Chris Leeson, said:  “During lockdown people up and down the country reported an increase in native wildlife sightings, many of which were taking advantage of the quieter areas.

“Now lockdown is easing, we still need to encourage and care for these animals and we were really excited to confirm we have more badger setts on site, with a thriving family group, which we can continue to monitor.”

Alongside our exotic animals, DZC is home to a variety of native critters including foxes, birds, moths and bats.

If you’d like to take a look at our Amazon wishlist – which contains enrichment items, specifically chosen by our keepers for the animals – click HERE. 

And a huge THANK YOU to whoever purchased the camera!