Wild about purrfume!

We all know girls love their perfume, and female Carpathian lynx, Daisy is no exception – she’s simply wild about her latest gift!


A bottle of floral perfume, sent from tiger keepers at Wuppertal Zoo, in Germany, as enrichment for our two tigresses, was shared out among the big cats across the site.


And Daisy couldn’t get enough of the flowery smell, rolling around on her favourite toy which keepers had dotted with the scent.

Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “Keepers regularly use strong scents, including aftershave, Olbas Oil and Marmite, as enrichment for our big cats as it encourages them to track smells around their enclosures, but this is the first time we have tried it with the lynx and Daisy just went wild.

“She rolled all over her favourite toy picking up the scent – her fur probably smells lovely!”

See Daisy and her purrfume in our homepage video XXX