Why we love tigers!


We’re continuing our Global Tiger Day celebrations throughout the holidays and want you to tell us what you love about them!

Show your support for the magnificent big cat species by adding a message to the Discovery Centre’s tiger awareness display board – just like DZG keeper, Chris Leeson, pictured right. 

The 21st Century Tiger international campaign officially took place last month to raise awareness of the plight of tigers in the wild and their threats of extinction from habitat destruction and poaching.

But as our beautiful tigeress, Daseep, was chosen as the face of the global campaign, we’re continuing to raise awareness for the next few weeks.

With less than 3,500 tigers in the wild, of which there are fewer than 400 Sumatrans like Daseep and Joao, the campaign is vital in helping to ensure their future survival.

So make sure you visit the Discovery Centre and pick either a Daseep or Joao comment slip and let us know what makes them so special!


We can’t wait to read your messages!