Who’s who?

Big cat keeper, Adam Walker, has sussed how to identify our four month-old Carpathian lynx triplets.

Dick, Dom and Daphne are almost identical, so picking out which is which is proving a challenge not only for visitors, but staff as well!


But Adam’s spotted slight differences in the trio’s coat patterns, which is enabling him to identify all three.

Adam said: “I’ve noticed they all have slightly different patterns on their right sides.

“Dick is the more confident of the two boys and on his right flank, about three inches below his spine, he has three solid dashes.


“Dom is shyer than the other two and is usually the one that’s closest to mum, Daisy.

“In the exact same place as Dick, he has little tiny dots in his pattern.


“While Daphne, who is a little paler in colour than the boys anyway, has little dots in the same place, but she also has a diagonal line pointing downwards.


“It takes some getting used to but we’re all still having trouble, especially if their left side is facing us!”

The triplets, who were born on May 23 are growing rapidly and keepers are delighted with their progress.

Adam added: “They’re doing really well. They’ve been eating solids for a while now and are spending their days playing and chasing each other around their enclosure – they’re not still for long!”

Meet the cubs in the video below!