When Tommy met Sprout!

DZG member Samantha Weaver has introduced our loveable orang utan Sprout to a chimp in Warwickshire – via her mobile phone.

And from the moment Twycross Zoo’s chimp Tommy laid eyes on our gorgeous female orang Sprout, he was smitten and started kissing the glass!


ABOVE – Tommy goes ape for DZG’s beautiful female orang Sprout

Animal lover Samantha is a regular at DZG and Twycross Zoo in Atherstone and often shows pictures of our animals to Twycross’s chimp Tommy.

But after witnessing Tommy’s incredible reaction to pictures of our delightful four-year-old Bornean orang Sprout, Samantha contacted our press office with her adorable snaps and video footage.

webtommy2   webtommy2

ABOVE – Stunning Sprout, left, from Dudley Zoo has an animal admirer in Twycross Zoo’s chimp Tommy, right

webtommy2Samantha, pictured left, said: “When I visit Twycross I have pictures and videos on my phone that I’ve taken at Dudley and always show them to Tommy.

“As soon as I get my phone out he comes over and sits by the glass and usually sucks his thumb.

“But when I first showed him pictures of Sprout he started kissing and licking the glass. And Tommy does that every time I go now as soon as he sees the little orang’s photo.

“Tommy definitely has a soft spot for Dudley’s orang utan youngster. Sprout really has his focus and it’s so lovely to watch.”

DZG’s Head of Upper Primates Pat Stevens said: “Sprout is a huge favourite with many of our visitors and they all find her fascinating. She’s such a stunner, even a male chimp adores her!”

See what happened when Tommy saw Sprout’s picture in Samantha’s video below.

Thanks for sharing your love-ly story and pictures, Sam!