Wheely generous gesture!

It was wheely generous of the garage owners at the centre of Channel 4’s Car SOS to give us dozens of spare tyres.

The 24 used tyres were offered to DZG by Keeper Harley Hunt’s mechanic dad Tony Hunt, who works at Fuzz and Tim’s SOS Workshop in Oldbury, for use with our animals.

Workshop bosses Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend star in the hit show in which they secretly rescue much-loved classics from rusty retirement and surprise owners with the impressive motor makeovers.

Harley, pictured with Fuzz and her dad Tony, said: “The tyres have been shared around the zoo and will be used by all sections to provide fun activities for our animals.

“In the chimps indoor section, we have already made a feeder out of one of the tyres by hanging it horizontally with fire hose. We filled it with hay and treats so the chimpanzees have to find the food in the bedding as a fun activity.

“My dad and everyone at the workshop were chuffed the old tyres have already been used to provide enrichment and stimulation for our animals.”

Garage co-owner Fuzz said: “I was really pleased to donate a lot of used tyres from our workshop. I was recycling them from the animals that work for me for the animals at Dudley Zoo!”

Thanks for thinking of us!