What’s the temperature today?

A new digital thermometer in the giraffe house allows keepers to keep a close eye on the temperature.

dzg_giraffe_thermom1The latest technology provides an accurate reading inside the building which keepers have to record twice a day.

Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, explained: “It is vital we keep a record of the temperature as a point of reference if there are any illnesses or issues, so we can check to see if the temperature may have been a factor.”

In winter the giraffe house is kept at an optimum temperature of 22 degrees and around 15 degrees in summer.

Large radiators attached around the walls, draught excluders and new doors all help to keep the internal temperature cosy for rare Rothschild giraffes Kubwa, Mia and Josie – pictured below with Ungulates Section Leader, Jay Haywood.