What’s in the Hallowe’en box?


A discarded cardboard vegetable box provided a brilliant Hallowe’en enrichment activity for our yellow mongoose.

Staff filled the large box with shredded paper and hay mixed in with mealworms and fruit treats, before placing it in their enclosure.

And the mongoose, being the inquisitive creatures that they are, soon delved in to investigate!

Trainee keeper, Jo Turner, said: “The stuffed box enabled the mongoose to use their natural foraging behaviour to hunt out the food as they really had to dig deep to get their treats.”


New mates for the mongoose!

web_dzg_mongoose1_2_0Two new roommates have moved in with the yellow mongoose.

The crested porcupines have relocated from the indoor Monkey Tails exhibit and are settling into their new outdoor surroundings in the mongoose enclosure.

Ungulates Team Leader, Jay Haywood, said: “The mongoose enclosure provides an ideal living space for the porcupines, with sand, woodchip and rockery.

“The two species will happily live alongside each other as the porcupines are a nocturnal species so will become more active and venture out in evening, when the mongoose are tucked up inside for the night.”