What an adventure!

Hallo Peeps, it’s Nidara the baby snow leopard here.

As you all know I got a real name last week, so now I’m a proper member of the big cat family and will get mentioned on posters!

dzg_tal_0065   dzg_tal_0065

Me and my mum, Nanga, quite like the name, although I’m not very used to it yet, and when the keepers call me I forget they mean me!

But it’s so much nicer than being known as Cub X!

I also met the zoo vet for the first time when I had my inoculations.

It was a big surprise when he got that massive needle ready but I was really brave and didn’t cry a bit – although I did show keepers my very sharp teeth and claws!

Anyway, that’s all over and done with now and I have to get on with the very serious role of playing.

Come and say hello this weekend if you’re on site.