What a fab zoovenir!

We’ve judged our children’s mug competition and are delighted to reveal our fab new anniversary zoovenir!

Congratulations go to 12 year-old JENSON HODGES from Wolverhampton who submitted this colourful design featuring a variety of animals found on site, the 11th century Dudley Castle and the iconic Tecton entrance.

Retail Manager, Isobel Blackwell, said: “We received hundreds of great entries from our young supporters who had all put a lot of effort into their designs, but Jenson’s was unanimously voted as the winner as it featured so many elements of DZG life and also incorporated 80 as a flag on the castle to tie in with our anniversary year.

“We’ve sent away the design to be printed on a mug and it will soon be on sale as part of our limited edition anniversary merchandise range in the Safari Shop, so grab it while you can!”

The mug is expected in stock within a couple of weeks and will be priced £5.99, but the first one is reserved for Jenson, who we’ve invited on site to receive his personally!

Congratulations, Jenson and a big Thank You to everyone who entered!