We’re still here!


We’re Edwina and Sung, DZG’s crested porcupines.


I’m nine-years-old and Sung is 12 and we’re half sisters.

You probably already know that we’ve recently moved up from Monkey Tails, so we’re looking forward to sharing our first Christmas with the yellow mongoose in their enclosure opposite the tapirs, but we’ve heard rumours that visitors don’t think we’re actually in the enclosure, as they never see us.

We are nocturnal creatures, which means we like to sleep during the day and our keepers have made our internal den so cosy that we like to snuggle down inside. 

But I promise that we do come outside to explore just before it begins to get dark to say hello to the mongoose before they head off to bed – so your best chance of spotting us is at the end of the zoo day.

The other afternoon when we heard DZG’s photographer outside our enclosure, we both roused from our slumber and dashed outside to make sure he took our picture to show everyone that we are definitely in here!

Hope to see you soon!

Edwina   X