We’re branching out!

Our 16 black-cheeked lovebirds are branching out with new recycled perches.


Keepers have added willow tree branches to their enclosure after trimming down the trees in the South American pool area, so visitors can get a clearer view of the avian residents.

The birds, who can be found by the orang utan house, are enjoying stripping the bark from the branches.

Senior Keeper, Ben Vanes, said: “The birds will use the stripped bark as nesting material in their boxes.

“We also left all the little spindly branches on, so that they’ll have something to chew on.”

News just in….

But it’s not just the birds who have been enjoying recycled willow branches across the zoo site.

Following a trim of the large tree in the flamingo enclosure by the zoo’s gardening team, the giraffes, barbary sheep, tapirs, capabara and porcupines have also been treated to the cut branches – which means nothing’s gone to waste!

Section Leader, Jay Haywood, said: “Similar to the lovebirds, the animals enjoy chewing the bark off it.

“It’s not only good for their teeth but it’s also great enrichment for them all.”