Welcome Windsor!

An egg-ceedingly Happy Easter to all our visitors and amazing animals – especially our latest addition, Windsor the Barbary lamb.

The baby Barbary sheep – our first of the year – was born exactly a week ago as Senior Keeper Laura Robbins was cleaning out the paddock.

Windsor was named by keepers earlier this week when they carried out health checks, tagged him and discovered he was a boy.

Laura said: “It must have been a very quick birth as I had checked on the sheep before starting to clean out the paddock at around 10am.

“When I went back to the enclosure just over an hour later, the little one had been born.

“Little Windsor is looking really healthy and doing very well. His mum has been amazing and so attentive. It was very special to be there so soon after he was born.”

Our other recent arrivals include twin baby ring-tailed lemurs, a little lar gibbon and baby bats in our Castle Creatures exhibit.

Happy Easter everyone!