Welcome to Jasper

Hallo, I’m DZG’s baby red panda and I’ve been named Jasper – how lovely a name is that!


I caused a bit of bother yesterday morning when keepers tried to catch up with me to see if I was a boy or a girl; I was very fast but they still managed to grab me when I hid behind the big tree at the back of the paddock.

Then they spent ages deciding what to call me before settling on Jasper.

It’s a pretty cool name for a baby Tibetan red panda and I like it!


Now I’m three months old I’m getting out and about a bit more and meeting people – mum says there will be lots of girls and boys to see me during half term holidays so I’ve got to be polite and wait a bit when they want to take photos and not dash off inside the nesting box.


Hope to see you during half term!

Jasper X