Welcome to Holly

Mwah! Newborn baby reindeer Holly plants a big kiss on her mum’s cheek!

holly-webThe youngster was born on April 21 and is the offspring of Storm.

Keeper, Jay Haywood, said: “Holly is doing really well and has settled in with the rest of the herd. She is a lovely little thing and is growing quickly.”

Holly already has a playmate in the paddock as she is the second baby reindeer to be born in recent weeks.

Two-weeks-old Fern was born to Maggie-May on Good Friday (April 6).

Keepers play mum

Keepers had to  bottle feed baby Fern artificial colostrum  – a rich milk substitute suitable for newborn mammals – after her mum failed to produce enough milk. 

Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said staff are hand feeding the youngster at four-hourly intervals and that Fern will also soon be receiving goat’s milk, before being introduced to solids when she is around ten weeks old.

Richard added: “She is doing really well with her supplemented diet and although we are bottle feeding her at the moment, we are keeping her in the paddock with her mum and big sister, Mini Maggie, so she can bond with the rest of the herd.”