Welcome Maverick!

Common buzzard Maverick has arrived at DZG and is gearing up to join our flying display squad.


The beautiful male, pictured above and below, was captive bred by Cotswold Falconry Centre in Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, and came to us at 18 weeks.

Maverick, who was named by DZG keepers, has now been with us for a couple of months and is being trained for our daily birds of prey displays.


Head of Birds Kellie Piper said: “Maverick is doing well, sitting on the fist and is getting used to being around people.

“We are going through a process called manning with him where we get him used to different surroundings he will encounter and that can mean all sorts of things here at the zoo, including pushchairs, umbrellas and balloons.

“It is all about winning his trust. We are also starting to drop his weight to prepare him for the displays and the next stage will be getting him to hop to the fist for food.

“Eventually we hope he will fly from the top of the Castle keep and swoop down to land on the perch during the displays. That would be a great spectacle for our visitors.”

Join us for our birds of prey display at 12 noon daily in the Castle courtyard