Welcome, little Eve

Meet Eve, a Brazilian tapir born to mum Meena  and dad Chico following a 13-month-long pregnancy.

dzg_baby_tapir3web   Two-week-old Eve has been spending most of her time dodging the rain showers with mum in the internal enclosure, but couldn’t resist stepping out into yesterday’s fleeting sunshine to make her public debut in the paddock.   dzg_baby_tapir3web   Assistant Curator Richard Brown, said: “Eve has the distinctive striped and spotted camouflage that all tapir babies are born with and will gradually lose the markings over a period of up to 18 months.”   He added: “It’s really good news and we’re all delighted with the new baby. We have a very successful breeding programme here at DZG for this endangered species and Eve is settling in well.”   dzg_baby_tapir3web      dzg_baby_tapir3web dzg_baby_tapir3webCAPTION: Baby Eve ventures out into the paddock for the first time with mum Meena, with a helping hand over a tiny step from Senior Keeper, Laura Robbins.