Waterfall almost ready to flow

It won’t be long before DZG’s five-tier waterfall is up and running in Lion Ridge as the repair work is almost done.

Keepers teamed up with our specialist concrete repair team to carry out essential maintenance on the water feature in the paddock housing our two Asiatic lionesses, Kyra and Asha.

And Kyra, pictured below, has already ventured into one of the pools to retrieve an enrichment parcel containing straw and meat.

Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “The only thing waiting to be added in now is the pump and then the waterfall can start flowing again.

“We’ve worked on it for a few weeks, at times when Kyra and Asha have been safely locked inside, and it is really taking shape.

“The lower level of the waterfall needed some repair work to the concrete so we got a helping hand from the team who have been restoring the zoo’s Modernist Tecton buildings.

“When the waterfall is running our lionesses will be able to drink from the pools and could even be tempted to take a dip if was an exceptionally hot day. 

“The waterfall also provides a pleasant feature in the enclosure and a wonderful habitat for native wildlife.

“Birds will drink from it and over time it should attract a variety of invertebrates and perhaps even creatures like newts.”