Watchful eye of the tiger

Workers extending internal big cat dens are toiling under the eye of the tiger as Joao watches their every move! 

Once up and running, the metal safety corridor will allow Daseep and Joao direct access into their individual dens from their outside enclosure.

As part of the off-show work, keepers are also building a new cubbing den for Daseep and extending the current internal space for the pair.

Team Leader, Jay Haywood, said: “We’re pleased with how the work is progressing and Joao and Daseep seem very interested in what’s going on.

“Joao’s been keeping a very close eye on the builders through the den’s viewing window, while Daseep’s worked out that she can see all the ongoing activity from the top of the climbing frame and we’ll often spot her spying on us from up there.”