Watch bird ringing today

We’re teaming up with Brewood Ringers today, who’ll be on-site demonstrating bird ringing to visitors.

The group will be safely catching some of our small wild birds in the off-show woodland behind the giraffe and kangaroo enclosures using feeding stations and mist nests, before showing visitors how they record information about the birds before ringing them and letting them fly free.

The event, which will be taking place opposite the tapir enclosure between 10am – 2pm, will be led by our Customer Services Team Member, Emma Dingley, pictured right, who is a member of the group and holds a training licence to ring.

DZG Conservation Officer, Chris Leeson, said: “Visitors will be able to see how the group put a small ring on the bird’s ankle and how they measure and weigh, as well as identify the sex and age of the bird.

“The information is really important as it helps ornithologists assess the native bird population and will help us monitor the species of birds who visit and live on our zoo site.

“We hope people take time out of their day to visit the stand and learn more about our native wildlife.”

Thanks to Kathryn Willett for the robin pic!