Waste Not Wednesday

Today is Waste Not Wednesday – so that’s a normal day for our recycling champion, the cockroach.

On the third day of Go Green Week, DZG Presenter Dorrie Hall said the cockroaches in the Discovery Centre definitely didn’t let anything go to waste!

“Cockroaches are great recyclers,” said Dorrie, pictured with one of the creepy crawlys munching on an apple core.

“They eat up any parts of fruit and veg so absolutely nothing is thrown away.”

And newspapers and unwanted boxes are also recycled in the Discovery Centre as bedding or enrichment exercises for its residents.

Elsewhere in the zoo, animal waste is recycled for garden use and trees are recycled by our gardeners for wood chip. This offers an inexpensive covering for many enclosures including the Brazilian tapirs and capybaras, pictured below.

Office staff get in the recycling act too by reusing papers, toners and cartridges.

Waste Not Wednesday Top Tip: Hold a swap shop event to encourage recycling and stop items from being sent to landfill sites.

And tomorrow… Switch Off Thursday, when thinking smart about the energy we use is the order of the day.