Wallaby advice line

Wallaby damned! Fancy finding this wild fella hopping round your garden!

Nicky Anthony and husband Jonny, from Exmoor, couldn’t believe it when a wallaby became a regular visitor to their field – and turned to experts at DZG to ensure he had the best possible care.

Curator Matt Lewis – pictured – explained: “Nicky contacted us after learning that DZG holds the species within our collection and we were happy to give her advice about the types of food to give the visiting wallaby – who they named Gus – as well as behavioural tips.”

Unfortunately, a few days later the Anthonys discovered Gus huddled in a corner of their field following an injury and called Matt who gave them a step-by-step guide on how to approach him and coax him to a safe location so that a vet could be called.

Nicky said: “Within the hour Gus had been given pain relief and we got him hot water bottles wrapped in towels to make him comfortable, but despite our best efforts, he died that night.”

She added: “It’s so sad because everyone was so fond of him and we really do miss him, but I know that when he died he was comfortable and not in any pain and that is thanks to Matt’s help. 

“We cannot thank DZG enough for being so helpful and having such knowledgeable staff.”

Matt said: “We are always happy to share our expertise in caring for animals to help in whatever way we can. It is just a shame this story didn’t have a happier ending.”

As a way of saying thank you the couple have now adopted DZG red-necked wallaby Delta, and a plaque saying ‘In loving memory of Gus’ has been installed outside the enclosure.