Visit birthday boy Ebano

Today’s the perfect day to come and wish our gelada alpha male Ebano happy 15th birthday – as it’s also Visit the Zoo Day!

The birthday boy loves scaling the trees in the banked enclosure he and eight other members of the family group moved into last month. And he’s even been teaching youngsters Billie and Ambo to climb too.

Senior Keeper Jade Reddall said: “Ebano is the dominant male and likes to show the group who’s boss, but every now and then he reveals his softer side and can be seen playing with the youngsters.

“The group has really settled in well to the new enclosure and they are enjoying the fresh green grass and amazing views from the trees.”

December 27 has been named globally as Visit the Zoo Day to encourage people to learn more about how zoos protect vulnerable animals from extinction through research, conservation and breeding programmes.