Vielen herzlichen dank!

Hallo Everyone, we’ve been at DZG a whole week today and all our keepers are really pleased how well we’ve settled in.

It’s been a busy week and we’ve met a lot of new friends in that time.

I’ve also been doing lots of writing, too, to let you know what we’ve been up to – particularly our friends in Germany who have been sending lots of lovely emails, Facebook messages and tweets since we arrived.
Tschuna and myself love all their kind words and we’d like to say a big thank you, and look forward to receiving more.  
Hope to hear from you soon,


Daseep XXX

* Die beiden Maedchen haben sich prima eingewoehnt.
Die Tierpfleger und das Publikum haben die beiden ganz herzlich in ihr Herz geschlossen!
Sie schlafen gut durch und haben einen guten appetit. Vielen herzlichen Dank fuer Ihre E-mail.
Mit vielen Gruessen aus DZG