USA expert meets tapirs

141A world-renowned expert on tapirs travelled almost 5,000 miles to meet the family at DZG.

Sheryl Todd, president and founder of the Tapir Preservation Fund based in Oregon in the USA, visited the leading Black Country tourist attraction with her partner Lee Spangler.

Sheryl, who has a life-long interest in the animals and has raised two young tapirs herself, met DZG’s family of Brazilian tapirs – Meena, Chico and their baby Ronnie.

She also chatted to DZG Chief Executive Peter Suddock and tapir-mad keeper Laura Robbins during her day-long visit.

Sheryl said: “In researching tapirs around the world, I came across the Dudley Zoo website and I couldn’t wait to see it in the flesh.”

“It is a beautiful zoo – I love it.”

“The tapirs here are in wonderful condition and seem very happy, curious and friendly.”

“It is lovely to get so close to them, particularly the baby.”

CAPTION: Tapir talk for Peter Suddock, Laura Robbins and Sheryl Todd.