Two eggs-cellent outreaches

Presenter Pam Midwood introduced some of DZG’s animals that hatch from eggs during two outreach session at West Bromwich museums.

Presenter Pam Midwood introduces Marissa Dawes to Echo the barn owl.

Pam visited Oak House before stopping off at Manor House the following day, where visitors were able to see and touch some animals that come from eggs.

Shae Buckley meets a newly hatched chick at Oak House Museum

Pam said: “The outreaches were good fun as I was able to explain to the children how it’s not just birds who come from eggs, but some of the more unusual animals such as snakes and stick insects. Everyone loved the opportunity to get close to them and stroke them.”

Summer Heely and Maisy Jones get hands-on with some stick insects!

Joining Pam on the outreach were barn owl, Echo, corn snake, Merlin, giant thorny stick insects and three newly hatched bantam chicks from the farm barn.

Bradley Bunce and Finlay and Angel White meet Merlin the corn snake