Turaco tot

We’ve got baby news in our birds section where a red-crested turaco chick has hatched.

Senior Bird Keeper Ben Vanes has just caught up with the little one to put an identification ring on its leg, but we don’t yet know if it is male or female.

The chick, born to our breeding pair in the triple aviaries, will soon start to showcase an iconic red crest – as both sexes of red-crested turacos look similar.

Head of Birds, Nicola Wright, said: “The chick was born in May and is healthy and being well looked after by its parents.”

Turacos mate for life. During courtship the male can be observed feeding the female. Nest building is undertaken by both sexes, as is incubation and care of their chicks.

These highly colourful exotic birds are natives of the West African forests and grassland. Their bright colours are created by two pigments, both containing copper, and found only in turacos. Turacin is the pigment which gives the red colour and turacoverdin gives them their vivid green colour.