Trusty talc trick

Keepers turned to the trusty talc trick when they needed to reintroduce a lemur back into Lemur Wood.

Ring-tailed lemur, Freya was removed from the family group when they moved to the wood from the Small Primate House, but to restore harmony among the ringtails when she returned meant a dousing in baby talcum powder.

Section Leader, Pat Stevens, said: “A change in group dynamics meant Freya had to be removed from the group, but once the others had settled into their new home in Lemur Wood, we felt it was the right time to bring her back in.

“As scent plays a huge part in the social hierarchy of lemur groups, we needed to make sure they all smelt the same, so we doused all of the ring-tail lemurs, including Freya, with talcum powder, which also took their attention away from her return.

“So far things are looking really positive and she’s integrated back in with them immediately and it’s like they’ve never been apart.”

Lemur Wood is home to more than 20 free-roaming lemurs, including ring-tailed, black and white ruffed, black and collared.

Pictured: Keeper, Jade Reddall, talcs Freya.