Trio of little keepers

Lincolnshire sisters, Kayla and Jodie Williamson, alongside their cousin, Jordan Vellam, had a really wild experience at DZG when all three became Little Zoo Keepers for the day.

The youngsters were each treated to the unique gift by their grandparents for their birthdays earlier this year.

Jodie, aged 11, pictured above, said: “The whole day was wonderful, but I liked the tapirs the most, as they were so gentle for such big animals.”

Nine-year-old Kayla, pictured above, added: “I was a bit nervous holding the reptiles, but I loved feeding the penguins, as it made me feel really important.”

Jordan, aged ten, pictured above, said: “The whole day was really cool, but I loved feeding the penguins the best as you could actually put the fish into their beaks for them to eat.”

As well as taking part in the penguin feed, the children also helped keepers muck out the farm’s animals and got hands-on with some of the smaller animal collection, before visiting our Brazilian tapirs for a tickling encounter!

Grandmother, Julia Vellam, said: “Dudley Zoo is the closest one to us that would let children under 14 do this type of experience and we’re so glad we booked it up for them as all three of them had an absolutely wonderful time. We can’t thank Dudley Zoo enough for giving our grandchildren a day to remember for a very long time.”