Trio of Barbary babes

Spring is in the air at DZG with the first new arrivals of the season. 

Ungulate keepers have a trio of extra mouths to feed following the arrival of three Barbary babes, as a girl was born on Friday, while a girl and a boy were delivered on Saturday, much to the surprise of visitors.

Ungulate Team Leader, Jay Haywood, said: “All three babies and mums have bonded really well and the youngsters are already playing with each other and seem very lively.”

After discovering the sex of the newborn sheep, keepers tagged their ears with a plastic tag containing their unique identification number – left ear for girls and right ear for boys – and officially recorded their details on the ZIMS log – which will allows staff to keep track of their diet, health and medication throughout their lifetime. 

Pictured above with the new arrivals are Ungulate keepers, Neil Flockhart, Jo Turner and Adam Davey.