Trio join the team

We’ve welcomed three new keepers to DZG in the last few months and they’re all loving looking after our wide variety of exotic animals.

Cheyenne Darkins, aged 24, and 26-year-old Sally Sheridan joined the team in May and Stephanie Bignell, aged 25, came to us from Marwell Wildlife in June. (And our male Brazilian tapir, Chico, looks pretty happy they’re here too!)

Stephanie has joined the Lower Primates section and said she was delighted to get the job so she could work with great apes. She’s also developed a soft spot for our spider monkey, Valentine.

Both Cheyenne and Sally work on our ungulates and big cats section. Cheyenne, who has fallen for our stunning snow leopard Taïga, came from nearby West Midland Safari and Leisure Park and Sally previously worked at Chessington World of Adventures.

Giraffe-crazy Sally, who especially loves our female giraffe Josie, said: “What we all like about our new jobs here is working with such a varied selection of incredible animals, especially on ungulates and big cats which is a big section.

“I think we’re all just about getting used to the hills on site too. It’s a great work out!”

Welcome Cheyenne, Sally and Stephanie!