A trio of birthday girls!

We’re wishing our bush dog sisters a very happy 3rd birthday today!

Scarlet, Ruby and Rioja arrived at DZG in March and quickly made an impression on keepers.

Senior Keeper, Sarah Evans, said: “They’re very cheeky and like following keepers around the enclosure and as soon as they spot one of us they run up to the fence squeaking.”

We’ve also discovered they love playing with enrichment kongs, which keepers fill with omnivore pellets or fragrant herbs and spices.

Sarah added: “We have to give them the heavy duty ones, as they don’t last long otherwise, but they’ve proved a hit with the girls and we make sure they get one each, so they don’t have sisterly squabbles!”

If you’d like to purchase any items off our Amazon Wishlist, which get posted directly to us, Scarlet, Ruby and Rioja would appreciate new kongs!