Tree work treats

Tapirs and capybara have benefited from tree work around the 40-acre site.

External contractors and a 100ft crane were brought in to cut down a large beech tree in the South American paddock.

Scaling the tree, a tree surgeon cut off the branches with a chain saw before the crane lowered them to the ground, where they were cut up for use across the site.

And some of the branches were craned back into the enclosure as tasty browse for the animals.

Head Gardener, Carl Stevens, said: “The work was part of a general maintenance programme including crown reduction work on the trees around the site.

“We also trimmed trees on the gelada baboon bank and red panda enclosure and cut back conifers around the sealions.”

Our team of in-house gardeners oversee tree management and carry out regular safety checks across the site, which is also covered by a tree protection order.