Treats pop up for primates!

There’s plenty of treats popping up in Monkey Tails after a generous supporter donated a popcorn maker to the zoo.


ABOVE – Keeper Shaun Crompton makes perfect popcorn with the new gadget so can bin his damaged saucepan

Staff in the walkthrough exhibit were thrilled with the kind gift which means burnt saucepans are now a thing of the past.

Keeper Shaun Crompton, pictured above, used to regularly ruin pans when he tried to pop corn as an occasional treat for the chimps.

He said: “There have been a few occasions when I’ve left the pan on for too long and the popcorn and the saucepan have burnt.

“Now the chimps can enjoy fresh popcorn from the machine which was kindly purchased from our Amazon wish list.”

DZG launched the list at the end of the summer, offering people who want to donate items a choice of purchases which would benefit our animals.

Once donors have bought the goods – which include tools, objects for enrichment and small appliances – they are delivered directly to us.

Popcorn is served as a treat for the chimps but their daily diet is based on fruit, vegetables and primate pellets.

LEFT – Senior Keeper Laura Robbins helps with the DZG countdown to Christmas as she prepares fruit and veg. There’s 16 more sleeps until the big day!

The full Dudley Zoo wish list is available by CLICKING HERE or searching for Dudley Zoo in the wish list section on Amazon’s UK homepage