Treats from Tricia

Baskets of apples and pears from a Shropshire garden provided autumnal treats for several species across the site.

The fruits were donated by Tricia Chevin, of Dallicote, near Bridgnorth, and were handed out to creatures large and small throughout the week.
She said: “It’s been a bumper year for apples and pears and I’ve given lots away to friends and neighbours.
“I always read DZG’s daily web news to keep up to date with everything that’s going on and I thought it would be good to give some of the surplus to the animals.
“I took part in the Keeper For a Day experience several years ago so I know what an appetite some of the species have for fruit, and hopefully, this will supply a few extra treats.”
Upper Primates Team Leader, Pat Stevens, pictured above with a ring tailed lemur, said: “We’d like to say a big thanks to Tricia, her gift is much appreciated and is being shared out across the animal collection.
“Mammals such as tapirs, meerkats and the great apes – orang utans and chimps – have been loving them and we’ve even added them to the reptiles’ five-a-day fruits.”